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Bonnysu has an ICT Tourist Declaration

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    Reservation Policies

    General information.

    Fantasy name: BONNYSU

    CÉDULA ID: 108040125

    Sales Manager: Blanca Rosa Mena Gamboa

    Telephone and/or Whatsapp for reservations and inquiries: +506 8829-2693

    Main email: bonnysu7942@gmail.com

    WEB: www.bonnysu.com

    Address: 500 meters northeast of the old Tres Colinas School. Portero Grande, Buenos Aires de Puntarenas. Costa Rica.


    Bonnysu Rules

    • Completely prohibited from extracting any type of plant.
    • It is totally prohibited to make any type of bonfire either inside Bonnysu, in any external area, or on tours.
    • Total respect for all types of animals.
    • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is fully regulated under absolute moderation, and always respecting the coexistence and schedules of BONNYSU.
    • It is strictly prohibited to consume any type of tobacco or herb within BONNYSU.
    • In rooms and bathrooms, they must respect the rest of other guests with the greatest discretion.



    Payment for the reservation will be made by the following means:

    • SINPE mobile number +506 8829-2693 or bank transfer to the account that we will send you.
    • Cash.
    • You must always make an advance payment of the percentage that we indicate or the entire amount.
    • We remember that in Bonnysu, there is no telephone signal, nor possibility of a Dataphone, therefore, once you have arrived in Bonnysu you will not be able to carry out the SINPE or Transfer.

    General Conditions for Reservations.

    Each reservation will be confirmed with a number or file by Bonnysu, this confirmation number is very important, you must keep it for any modification.

    Reservations are prepared within a minimum period of 30 days before arrival, payment can be made by the indicated means.

    If you have not made the payment within the established period, BONNYSU will have the right to:

    a. Charge the client directly for the total amount of services.

    b. Not providing the requested services.

    There will be no blockades for groups either during Easter or from December 21 to 31. Except for special cases.

    Policies for refunds or cancellations.

      • There will be no blockades for groups either during Easter or from December 21 to 31. Except for special cases.
      • Cancellations from 29 days to 15 days are refunded 50%.
      • For the shooting star tour, if not done, 50% will be returned. (by monitoring the sky for hours before the tour)
      • Pets are not accepted.
      • Cancellations less than 14 days will be charged 100%.

    For Groups:

      • Cancellations 45 days before arrival will NOT be charged.
      • 44-30 days before the group enters, 50% will be charged.
      • 29-15 days before the group enters, 75% will be charged.
      • 14 days before the group enters, 100% will be charged.

    The reasons for force majeure will be analyzed separately according to criteria and verification of facts by BONNYSU.