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Bonnysu has an ICT Tourist Declaration

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Explore a unique experience in Bonnysu – Costa Rica

Bonnysu has the Tourism Declaration from the Costa Rica Tourism Institute.(ICT)


For us, the most important thing is that you can experience one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences in your life. We have put the greatest love and affection so that at Bonnysu, you feel like family. You will find such a spectacular environment that will transmit peace and serenity, which will make you reconnect with yourself and with nature in a very intense and special way.



Blanca y Ronny

VISION – To become a sustainable company, giving our clients the opportunity to live unique experiences, in a calm and harmonious environment.

MISSION – We are a family business, dedicated to providing unique experiences to our clients, with professional service and attention to detail, in harmony with nature and environmental sustainability.


Our accommodation


Our cabins, restaurant, viewpoint, and common areas have been completely created to be very cozy and integrated into nature.



Our activities


We have a multitude of activities, for the whole family, that will make you have some of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences of your life, in one of the places where you can breathe the most peace, natural beauty, and environmental purity.



Bonnysu Blackberries

Collection and tasting of blackberries.

Bonnysu Workshops

Arts Workshops

Bonnysu Bird

Bird Watching

Bonnysu Tours

International Park Tours and others

Bonnysu Star

Star Tour


Where we are located

We are located in the south of Costa Rica, in one of the purest and most environmentally rich places, and close to the Parque Internacional de la Amistad.

Our specific location is: Puntarenas, Buenos Aires, Potrero Grande, Tres Colinas de Potrero Grande.

(500 meters from one of the 4 entrances of Parque Internacional de La Amistad, Kamuk Sector)

Optional services

Check rates and schedules in the Accommodation section


  • Parking: If you do not have a 4×4, you must park in Los Angeles, 1 hour from Bonnysu.

  • Transportation: If you do not have 4×4, you can rent 4×4 transportation according to availability (Maximum 9 people per trip)

  • Store: Crafts, and basic products. (There is no food, you must bring it, if you do not want to use our restaurant service)

  • Restaurant: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks available.

  • Electricity and telephone: There is no availability of telephone signal, Internet, or electricity. (They can only have cell phone charging service, camera batteries, computers, through our clean energy from Solar Panels).
  • Certified Guide Service: You can hire our expert guides for private tours, and for the Park.
  • Advice for Walk to Kamuk Hill: We help you for free to advise you for this walk.
  • Photographic Service.

In Bonnysu, we do not have a signal for a dataphone or telephone, which is why payment must be made in cash, or by bank transfer or SINPE MÓVIL +506 8829 2693, before arriving in Bonnysu. Consult our Reservation policies in the “Book” menu option.

High Quality Cuisine

Our products are selected of the highest quality, as natural and local as possible.

Our cuisine is very exquisite, with very authentic flavors. Our specialty is traditional home cooking only with natural seasonings.

Panoramic Platform

We have a wooden Platform with impressive views.

Relaxation areas

You can relax and completely disconnect from everyday life in various areas near Bonnysu. Totally disconnected from civilization, and connect with the pure and beautiful nature that Our Heavenly Father gave us.

What do our customers say?

You will always remember your unique and comfortable experience at Bonnysu, a vacation in one of the most special places in Costa Rica.

  • An incredible place and without a doubt the walks within the Park are the best!!!

    Lidieth Bejarano Calderon
    Costa Rica
  • Excellent activity that takes place in our canton of Buenos Aires, southern area. Costa Rica. I invite you to visit the community of Tres Colinas. Cabañas Bonnysu has all the supplies to enjoy astronomical events.

    Ileana Arauz
    Costa Rica
  • A nice experience, excellent experience. Thank you

    Walter Ramón Núñez Quesada
    Costa Rica
  • Spectacular star tour, view of the Milky Way, I managed to see 4 shooting stars, something wonderful.

    Jassel Sancho
    Costa Rica
  • The place, the people, the experience… everything was wonderful and no one should be left without that gift of lying “belly up” (“panza arriba”) in the early morning to see stars, scream with excitement and laugh for a while with the people who share that adventure. .

    Éricka Anchía
    Costa Rica
  • Your service and good treatment make the difference!! I carry you in my heart, Thank you Blanca, Rosa,…

    Rocío González
    Costa Rica

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